10 Reasons Why I Loved The Smoke Thieves

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Thank you so much to Penguin Teen for providing me with this free copy. I’m a huge lover of YA fantasy, so I jumped at the chance to read and review this book. The beginning was a bit slow but that ending... wow. I already started reading the sequel! (Which will be out August 6.) Instead of a review today, I’m doing a list of reasons I loved this book. So, without further ado...


The cover. I totally judge a book by its cover and this cover is absolutely gorgeous!!



There were actual demons in this book!! I initially thought they would only be referred to as myths but NOPE, the demons are real and they’re not scary. They’re beautiful.

Source: https://www.necessaryevilseries.com


Diverse characters! I know that’s not really a big deal when so many books now strive for diversity but a lot of times it feels like it was added as an afterthought. This book really made it feel like the characters were relatable and real!

Source: Twitter @theMick


The fantasy world created in this book was really fun to delve into. Sometimes, authors get carried away with the fantasy aspect and it ends up being sci-fi. Which is fine, but having a ”realistic“ fantasy world is one of my favorites. The world was much like our own with a few changes.

Source: https://chucheriasyalgomas.tumblr.com/post/59554780990


The plot line wasn’t driven by romance. I love a good romance just as much as anyone but I also love it when a book focuses on the plot and just sprinkles some romance in. It makes the book feel more real for me.



Strong female characters. Again, this something that is much more prevalent now with books but it has to be done right to not feel cheesy. Sometimes, authors will get carried away with the powers, knowledge, etc. You know you have a winning character when the “badass” scenes comes and you don’t roll your eyes.



The cursing. I love me a good bad word and even better when it’s made up specifically for a book. Shits is used in lieu of f*ck. Example: “Oh, shits!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/reactiongifs/


Theres a map included! I love it when maps are included because it helps me visualize everything better and maps are just fun to look at.



The ending. I devoured that ending!! There was so much intrigue going on at the end!



There’s a sequel! I’m so happy there’s a sequel because I NEED to know more about these demons! The sequel is out August 6!


Be sure and read The Smoke Thieves and pre-order The Demon World because you’re going to want to continue living in this fantasy world.


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