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I'm Doing An IT Reread/Buddy Read!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I must be crazy because I decided I will be doing a reread of one of the biggest books I've ever read... a mere year later. I first read this book in October 2018 as a buddy read over on my Instagram. I really doubted I would get through it in just one month, but I DID it! I FINISHED IT! Literally.

So, what made me want to do this to myself again? Well, gather round wee children and I shall tell you The Tale of the Girl Who Wished She Had Listened to the Whole Book on Audio.

In all seriousness, this book was one of the best audiobooks I have ever listened to. I bought both the physical and audio version, but mostly stuck to the physical copy. The portions I listened to on audio were great, to say the least. It had that extra creepiness that really elevated this book from "eh, this clown isn't so scary" to "whoa, maybe I should turn the lights on and sit in the kitchen, close to the freezer scary".

Aaaand there you have it: My Reasoning On Why I Will Be Rereading IT

I told you I must be crazy!

Would you like to be crazy with me? I am hosting a buddy read for this book over on Instagram during the month of October. I started the process early, since I am making bookmarks for all my buddy readers. Ok, most of you, at least. I did save 10 bookmarks for my subscribers here. The number is small because I don't have that many subscribers, ha! If you would like to join, simply send me a DM on @myreadingchronicles and let me know you're a blog subscriber. The bookmarks will be the last two pictured on the picture above and you can choose which one you want!

Get ready for the buddy read and buy the book here or get the audio with Libro.FM and use my code MRC to get 3 audiobooks for $14.99.


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