The Demon World by Sally Green

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The Demon World is the second book in The Smoke Thieves and it debuts tomorrow! This was such an amazing sequel and at 400 plus pages it was too short. I read this book in a day and I’m now counting down the days until Sally Green writes the next book!

This collage is how I imagine some of the things described in the book. I would love explain them but I think it’s best if you read the books! You’ll love them if you’re a fantasy fan!


A princess. A soldier. A servant. A demon hunter. A thief. When we last saw them, this unlikely group was heading into the Northern Territory of the kingdom of Pitoria, on the run from the sadistic and power-hungry King Aloysius of Brigant. The Smoke Thieves have discovered that demon smoke is not only an illegal drug used for pleasure, but in fact, when taken by children, demon smoke briefly gives its users super-human strength. Aloysius' plan is simple and brutal: kill the demons for their smoke, and use that smoke to build an unstoppable army of children to take over Pitoria, Calidor, and then the rest of the world.

The Smoke Thieves are the only ones who understand this plan--but can they stop it? Catherine, Aloysius' daughter, is seen as a traitor from all sides; Tash is heartbroken after the loss of her one friend and sees nothing left for her in the human world; Edyon is wanted for murder; March is carrying the secret of his betrayal of his new love; Ambrose is out for revenge--and all the while, the demons have plans of their own...

Thank you to Penguin Teen for the free book. All opinions are my own.


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